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The big A, the “holy grail”, the sacred hole. Depending where you are at in your sexual endeavor it’s either really scary or the best damn thing you’ve ever tried. Anal, just the mere thought of doing it can be really overwhelming and anxiety driven… so let’s get REALLY real here and dive into it. There are SO many unspoken questions running through your mind, especially when it comes to Sh#% (insert poop emoji instead of word shit). We get it, we totally get it, and that’s why here at Playland we did the “deep and thorough” (no pun intended!) research on this sensitive and sometimes touchy topic for you! We have compiled a list of some of the most frequent questions we get asked, with detailed answers pertaining to the sacred hole. So please, look no further! Before we dive into it, let us just say anal is nothing to be scared of. In fact, if done properly, and with the right material, it can be very fun and pleasurable and possibly your new favorite activity.


Does anal hurt?

I wish we could give this one a blanket “of course not!” but we’re going to be honest here, so, the simple answer is yes and no. If it’s your first time you want to go nice and slow and use LOTS of lube. It shouldn’t hurt, but it might feel a bit uncomfortable, considering you’re a newbie here, and let’s remember, trying anything for the first time can feel a bit scary and uncomfortable. For most of us, the anus does not naturally produce enough lubricant for pleasurable anal sex, so it’s crucial to find the perfect silicone or water based lube to use. We definitely don’t want any tearing, so we recommend checking out some of our favorite lubes to help keep you with the ideal friction you are going to want (LINK). Like we said before, trying anything for the first time can be a bit scary and uncomfortable, but it’s really important to be relaxed and mentally prepared to receive while trying anal, especially if you’re new to it. If you are tense, the overall process isn’t going to be much fun, so please, for our sake and yours, try to relax and have fun!


Should I use a condom?

We here at Playland love sex! We say as long as it’s safe and consensual, then go for it and have fun! When it comes to protection, this is always a personal choice between partners and where they are at with their sexual health and relationship, but with that being said, we think better safe than sorry. If you do choose to wear a condom always remove it after anal if you plan to move onto vaginal penetration after; you don’t want any bacterial cross contamination. Bottom line: overall a condom will not make a difference in anal, and will simply protect you from STDs.


Should I use an enema before?

Another personal choice. Anal often brings up a lot of fears about “making a mess” and we get it, because truthfully, it can be messy! We won’t lie….you just never know. We always encourage open communication and talking with your partner before hand about any concerns, chances are if they have been here before they know what they are potentially getting themselves into. But if you want to be squeaky clean and eliminate the risk significantly, an enema can be very helpful. Here are a few we can personally recommend (Link enema from cvs or our site if we sell them). If you do decide to use an enema, remember to allow yourself some time before engaging in intercourse.


Best positions for anal?

From our experience, if you are new to the anal game, being on top is great. It will allow you to take things at your own pace and control the pressure and speed. That being said, there are plenty of other good positions you can try, like laying on your side, doggy style, and missionary. Always be vocal to your partner about pace and if you need to take breaks go right ahead! It should feel good, not like the ring of fire.


Should I lay down a towel?

If it makes you feel better :)


What type of lube should I use?

A water based lube is great especially if you’re using a condom, since water based lube reduces the risk of friction and the potential of the condom tearing. However silicone based lube is great when used on it’s own, as it not only lasts longer, but tends to cause less irritation to the rectal mucosa.


Should I use a toy while doing anal?

Of course this is a personal choice, but since you’re here for our opinion, we find that it helps…. it helps A LOT. We highly recommend adding stimulation to the clitoris when doing anal. Not only can it give you the most intense orgasm, but it can also help you to relax and enjoy yourself. Here are some of our favorite toys you can use to help you relax and have an epic orgasm during anal (link our clit toys)


Can you orgasm from just anal?

YES, why yes you can. Anal penetration indirectly stimulates the A spot in the vagina. What is the A spot you ask? It is a spot located deep inside your vagina about 5-6 inches in. It’s a spot with a lot of deep nerve endings and when touched can make you SUPER wet very fast.


What does an anal orgasm feel like?

Orgasms are different for everyone, but some have described it as an intense spreading wave, similar to that of a clitoral orgasm.


Why are men so obsessed with anal?

This is a tough one, so let’s just chalk it up to novelty. It’s like the car they can’t drive unless it’s a holiday. In other words your butt is a Ferrari and they really want to drive it.

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